How rapidly will AI propagate?

ca. 2017 – 2021
– Very many blue collar jobs will be lost (potential: 47%)
– White collar jobs begin to be threatened (potential: 20%)
– Self-driving cars, trucks, buses become widely available
– AI-assisted virtual assistants become ubiquitous in nearly all devices

ca. 2022 – 2026
– Most new vehicles will have self-driving optional or standard
– Blue-collar jobs decline rapidly (potential: 80%)
– White-collar jobs decline as well (potential 40%)
– Self-improvement of AI algorithms on a large scale
– Beginning of “Neural Lacing” to interconnect AI and Humans

ca. 2027 – 2031
– Neural Lacing becomes widely available
– Humans depend on AI for most tasks
– Beginning of AI “consciousness”, “emotion”, “self-awareness”

ca. 2032 and beyond
– Self-replication / Self-improvement of AI begins
– AI achieves higher level of “intelligence” than humans
– Significant danger of AI overtaking/subjugating Humans

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