Why All this Fuss about Artificial Intelligence?

The Disruptive force of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Many thought leaders believe AI could be the largest disruption and greatest challenge ever to human society, and are deeply concerned:
– Stephen Hawking
– Bill Gates
– Elon Musk
– Stuart Russell
– Nick Bostrom
– Max Tegmark

The Speed of AI development is Increasing Exponentially
– Moores law is expected to hold at least 10 more years, i.e. computational power doubles every 18 – 24 months
– Major innovations in algorithms and hardware further accelerate this growth

The Economic Incentive for AI is Increasing very Rapidly
Huge investments drive increasingly sophisticated algorithms and structures
– Investment increased 300% from 2015 to 2016; expected to continue

Applications are being developed for more tasks and increasing complexity
Costs are declining exponentially as processing power increases
– Return on Investment strongly positive, in fact exponential

Pace of AI Innovation also increasing due to Democratization
– Watson and other open AI platforms are available for public use
– Free resources for learning AI and developing AI
– Exponential growth in number of coders leads to exponential innovation
– Open sharing practices of innovations and networking drives expansion

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