Where will AI be implemented on a wide scale?

The internet:  First and Easiest to implement AI
– Big Data and Network already in place and already connected to AI
– No need for sensors, data linkages, specific localized software, etc.
– AI is already 60% predictive of consumer tastes “you may also like”

– Internet search results nearly always “personalized” through AI

Personal Assistants – Growth rate 35% – all run by AI
– Amazon Echo
– Google Home
– Apple Siri
– Facebook M

Rapid growth of AI supported Virtual Assistants
– Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Facebook M, Microsoft Cortana become ubiquitous
– Spread of virtual assistants to refrigerators, cars, coffee-makers, televisions, thermostats, watering systems, etc.

– Blurring of the lines between smart phones, tablets, televisions, entertainment devices and appliances

Self driving cars, trucks and buses – becoming available starting 2019
– Implementation now ahead of schedule, due to improvements in AI

Automation of semi-skilled and even skilled workers across society
Short term – 2017 – 2021
– Cashier, Lawn mowing, Caregiving (Korea/Japan), Production line, Oil drilling, Industrial repairs, Military applications, Tax preparation, Real Estate brokerage

Longer term – 2022 – 2026
– Cooking, Sewing, Farming, Teaching, Medical, Dental, Legal etc.

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