Maintaining Social Balance during Transition to AI Economy

The investors in AI projects, the companies involved in AI, the banks and the wealthy themselves must share a self-interest in maintaining a balanced, stable society during the transition to an AI economy.  Not just the “progressives”, middle-class and the disadvantaged.

During the transition phase to an AI economy, the financial interests of the corporations lies in the maximization of the number of well-earning consumers and the minimization of instability, strife and chaos.  This may be why some of the best studies on this subject have been financed by Citibank and UBS.

Modern corporations would have little to gain, and in fact quite a bit to lose, if automation and AI were to result in widespread job loss and a semi-feudal economic system characterized by a privileged upper class and mass borderline poverty.

Surely the well-heeled families and the captains of industry must share an interest in continued social stability and widespread wealth.  Already today, most of the top 1% live in guarded, almost prison-like compounds owing to concerns about potential violence and robbery and not infrequently feel trapped by it.

Our experience is that most AI developers have at least a vague idea about the potential dangers to society of the widespread implementation of Artificial Intelligence.  Amongst the ever-increasing numbers of AI-developers there are likely increasing numbers of conscientious individuals who are becoming concerned.  We believe these individuals potentially may begin to take action on their own, or be attracted to organizations they perceive to be aligned with their concerns.  They could either:
a. become advocates for awareness and sources of information for spreading awareness
b. become passionate advocates for constructive solutions, dialog and cooperation.

If you are reading this, we invite you to participate!  See our section what you can do or sign-up to volunteer.


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