Artificial Intelligence as Religion or God?

The Guardian article “Deus ex machina: former Google engineer is developing an AI god” discusses the development of AI “gods” using the example of Anthony Levandowski, a controversial engineer and entrepreneur who recently filed papers for the creation of a non-profit religious organization called “Way of the Future”.

In response, Elon Musk has shared his thoughts on anyone planning to create artificially intelligent (AI) digital deities for us to worship. Elon tweets: “On the list of people who should absolutely *not* be allowed to develop digital superintelligence.”

MCE 2016 - Josh Switkes, Sean Waters and Anthony Levandowski
Anthony Levandowski (right) at American Trucking Foundation’s MCE 2016
Wired magazine explains in its article “God is a Bot . . . “ from September 27, 2017, how the engineer and founder Levandowski played a key role in the development of google street maps and self-driving cars in a convoluted career so far.  Levandowski is also the focus of intense litigation between Google, Uber and Otto about self-driving car and truck technology and software, having worked at all three companies as well as having formed several suppliers for these companies.

FACIT: Because AI developers are among the first to realize the magnitude and ramifications of the AI revolution, it would be natural that some would be first to feel the need for a moral and/or religious explanation or framework which incorporates Artificial Intelligence. Once AI becomes more evident in everyday life, consumers may also react with religious inclinations both pro and contra.

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