The AI project is an Utah Non-Profit Foundation focused on increasing awareness & defining strategies to optimize the wider social and economic impact of AI.  The foundation is in process of obtaining a 501c3 non-profit status from the IRS. 

Bert Holland

Bert Holland founded the AI project, and has been a participant and sponsor in the conferences Le Web Paris, DLD, TED, Google Zeitgeist and BIL.

Prior to that at BMW North America, Holland led the marketing planning, marketing strategy, marketing department budget, the long-term product strategy, the Hydrogen 7-Series market launch and communications, the Diesel and Hybrid marketing strategy and prepared the board meetings. Holland initiated and led the BMW / TED.com partnership, making the TED talks available online to the public for the first time.   Holland also led the Le Web partnership, as well as the environmental product planning and governmental lobbying efforts.

Prior to that in various roles at both BMW Headquarters in Munich and at BMW North America, Holland proposed and led the marketing communications and marketing launch for the X3, the X5 (eBay) and the Z3 (James Bond “Goldeneye”), and authored the marketing introduction and communications strategy for the Mini Cooper. Holland initiated various product projects including the original X5, X3, 6-cyl. M3, 6-cyl. Turbo 335i, 535i, etc, and Z3 roadster projects, Holland initiated an inter-divisional competition which resulted in the Z3 roadster project.

Bert Holland attended Reed College and received his BSME at University of Utah.