We would love to hear how you might be able to contribute!  Please contact us on our join / volunteer page.

Are you connected with educational institutions, AI developers, social advocacy, research institutions or consumer groups in your network or community?

In a constructive spirit: we needs hands and minds. Could you or people you know or people you network with:
1.  create, repost and/or review engaging/informative/entertaining content to be carried on the AI project website
– blogs / cartoons / posters / graffiti
– videos / films / podcasts
– papers / studies / articles / books
– interviews / tv-shows / events

2.  write or cause to be written external blogs and social network posts about the AI project and the societal implications of AI / Automation

3.  create / find / leverage institutions or film contests or video contests or public resources or schools/colleges or events to draw attention to the subject and to research it

4.  create / find / leverage discussion forums, wiki organizations and / or social networks focused on scenarios and solutions

5.  find / leverage funding sources like AI companies or investors or philanthropists or governments or political parties for research and awareness

6.  interview stakeholders, from AI insiders to activists to journalists to artists to employees etc. about their reactions to these likely future scenarios. We want to carry the interviews on the site and a youtube channel.